Civil/Criminal and Administrative Litigation

The experience of the Law Office in litigation work covers the different stages of trial work before the regular courts or administrative bodies and tribunals. Both as counsel for private claimants or the defense, the Law Office has handled criminal proceedings under the Revised Penal Code and special laws. The Law Office also has extensive experience in civil cases involving recovery actions of real and personal properties, enforcement or breach of contracts, annulment of contracts, damage suits, negligence and injunction cases.



Experience in arbitration proceedings includes the prosecution of claims before the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission.


Corporate and Commercial Laws

Corporate and commercial services, include preparation of pre-incorporation papers and documents, actual registration of the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission and post-incorporation work of registering the business with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the local government. Part of the Law Office's commercial law services is advising, representing, negotiating and drafting of contracts and documents pertaining to all forms of commercial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and dispositions of businesses.
The Law Office also handles legal due diligence of loan and credit documents preparatory to the acquisition thereof under the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Law.


Estate Planning and Proceedings

By way of Estate Planning, the Law Office assists clients in the most cost--efficient way to settle ones estate. Representation in Estate Proceedings would cover judicial settlement of estates or probate of wills.


Family Law

Disputes involving family law, including representation in family courts, actions involving legal marital issues, annulment and declaration of nullity of marriages, legal separation, property relations, paternity and filiation, custody and support and adoption.


Immigration Law

Immigration practice, including representation with the Bureau of Immigration, all services related to alien admission and alien registration.


Insurance Law

Litigation and arbitration involving novel issues in insurance law before specialized tribunals such as Insurance Commission.


Labor and Overseas Employment Laws

Services in the field of labor and overseas employment, including counseling clients on ways of resolving labor disputes. The Law Office represents clients, mostly on the side of management, with the National Labor Relations Commission and the Department of Labor and Employment involving dismissal and suspension of employees, disability and money claims, strikes and lockouts, negotiations for collective bargaining agreements, petition for certification elections, unfair labor practices, grievance and labor arbitration, labor related civil and criminal cases, labor standards and employee benefits, social security, labor aspect of corporate acquisitions, legal assistance in the design or implementation of rightsizing or manpower reduction programs. The Law Firm also assist clients in the formulation and review of company's labor policies and regulations, especially in hiring and disciplinary policies and regulations.



Services in the field of taxation such as securing rulings from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Finance and other government agencies involved in tax collection and enforcement.